Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Interview with Jacob


  1. Yes,on that fateful day,I saw Mr Rellik jut out his thumb and wanted to hitch a ride.I was not for the idea as I thought hitchikers were dangerous.

    He seemed to be a suspicious person at first,over time Mr Rellik got more and more on my nerves

    Mr Rellik was goin to kill all of us.What could I have done? Wait to get murdered?!

    He tumbled off the car and his body smashed against a truck.

    They told me he was a gardener.Maybe,since that incident I have been asking myself perhaps I have been imanging things.

    Eddy is dead,I have nothing else to say,I do not wish to recall those memories.

  2. Quite extraordinary, but the song in the background caused many children to suicide, and it is inappropriate.