Tuesday, 2 April 2013


SamSung Galaxy Note 2
Claim: Delivering a whole new experience

-Largest screen with smartphone portability
-minimum scrolling
-minimum screen transaction

Commercial (Douglas)


HTC One advertisement

Claims: What you will bring into life

Supporting claims:
A powerful phone with a good camera
Dual frontal speakers deliver good sound
Interactive gallery

Strepsils Advertisment


Main Claim: Strepsils are first aid for sore throats

Three Supporting Evidence
-Help you go through the day smoothly
-Sooth and clear sore throat
-Provides better relief than other sweets

The Smart Mop advetisement

The Smart Mop advertisement


Main Claim: To be able to clean up any stain

Supporting details: Can dry fast, can be machine-washed

Gatsby Advertisement

Main Claim: Clean and Refreshing

Supporting details: Happy, even if it's not real.

CheeseBurger Pizza (Ler How)


Claim: Made with perfect beef
perfectly grilled mini cheese patties
Natural and golden crowned crusts

Bioré Facial Foam - Yee Theng


The main claim
- Cleanses as it retains the face's essential moisture.

Supporting Claims
- Reveals healthy hydrated skin in just one minute
- Softer, smoother skin
- Removes oil and dirt while locking in the essential moisture.

Afif's advertisement


Main claim: Soothes and relieves the sore throat.

Supporting details:
The man was relieved after taking it.
The man could surf properly, which indicates that he was feeling better.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Commercial


Claim : Creating a richer, simper, and fuller life

Supporting Details :
The S4 is more powerful in terms of hardware and software
More unique features available for the phone

Vytautas Mineral water - Ek Hern

(Note: This ad has been translated and dramatized)


Main claim: Gives you energy

Supporting claims:
1) Full of minerals
2) Allows you to digest better
3) Is 'earth's juice'

Ben's Advertisement


Advertisement of Panasonic Airconditioner

Claims: Quick, powerful and cool. Using technology that cools 1.5 times faster

Supporting details:
-Has an inverter that cools faster
-Powerful enough for desert climate

Colgate Clinical toothbrush commercial - Ikmal


Colgate® ProClinical® A1500 Electric Toothbrush Advert October 2012

Main claim: Superior clean for teeth and gums

3 types of supporting details
- Automatically adjusts, delivering a clean like no other brush
- Unique smart sensors that automatically adjust
- Reduces the amount of plague by more than 5X at the gum line

Michael's Advertisement

SKII - The No. 1 gift for your skin


Main Claim : It will make your skin beautiful.

Evidence : The skin of the person is white and soft.

Advertisement - Ain

Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TubjfUFhecg

The main claim: The macbook is the greenest family of notebooks.

Supporting details:
- Advanced aluminium and classic closure is completely recycled.
- Has engineered to be really efficient to run a quarter of a power of a single light bulb.
- Not made of other harmful chemicals of other notebooks like mercury.

Ricola Advertisement

Main Claim: Dual Action, Cough suppressant, Oral Anaesthetic

Supporting Evidence: The women in the video could talk fine after taking the Ricola, and everyone was talking very loudly.


Dynamo Malaysia "Liquid Challenge" Commercial (Irfan)

Video Here

Main Claims

1) Superior cleaning power
2) For better stain removal

Supporting Evidences

1) Really removes stains
2) Contains less water than normal detergents
3) Has more cleaning ingredients



Claim:Give skin a beautiful glow.
           Gives skin firmness.
           Skin will become crystal clear.

Strepsils Advertisement - Dylan


Main Claim: Strepsils will help you get on top sports top and get you through the day.

- Strepsils are clinically proven to help sooth and effectively clear a sore throat.
- It provides better relief for sore throat than other kind of sweets.
- It helps to give better improvement for what we want to do throughout the day.

Subway Fresh Fit TV commercial

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uktq_Y-c1pk

Main Claim: Complement an active, healthy lifestyle with the new Subway Fresh Fit Meal.

Supporting Details: 
-Tasty sub with 6 grams of fats or less
-Choice of healthy sides (yogurt or nuts)
-Wholesome drinks (juice or mineral water) 

Zorbeez commercial analysis - Shaquille


The main claim
- It is the most absorbent material/towel that you will ever use

Supporting Claims
- Attracts liquids like a magnet
- 27x more absorbent that cotton
- Odor free unlike most sponges

Lim Ing Commercial


The video claims that the product (is):
Main Claim : Will give one flawless skin.
Supporting Claims:
1)Quick and flawless
2)Evens, covers, illuminates, hydrates and protects one's skin from UV rays.
3)Helps one obtain perfect looking skin

Ryan's Advertisement choice


Advertisement of Panda Cheese

The cheese is irresistible.

A panda will pop out of nowhere and disrupt your life if you do not like/eat/buy the cheese.

You can never say NO to Panda Cheese.