Monday, 15 July 2013

3 Ethical Dilemmas (Ek Hern)

Here are 3 of the possible many ethical dilemmas journalists the world over face that I think impact a story the most.

Underaged children being interviewed:
Children under the age of 11 usually are not suitable to interview under journalistic ethics. However in certain cases, children are the only witnesses able to talk about it. Children also have a somewhat poorer judgement than most other people due to their still developing minds. What does one do in this situation?

Undercover Journalism:
Sometimes there is no choice. In Myanmar for example, journalists are deported and even jailed. So there may be no choice except to go undercover as someone else. This way has its own potential hazards. You could be arrested under espionage charges(Spying). Is it a worth while risk to take?

It is in the ethical code. No bribing interviewees. But you've got the do what you've got to do when no one want to talk about anything even remotely related to the situation. The cases are rare but there are some journalists who do it.


  1. Although the points were relevant, they were not from the seven ethical dilemmas journalists face worksheet. You could have elaborated more on your points as it was quite short.

  2. All three points were not from the worksheet given to us, but the voice was pretty clear.

  3. Like Ryan and Michael said, the points were not in the worksheet but the points and explainations were good. I think you could have explained more and given more detailed examples.

  4. The points are not from the worksheet which is where you are suppose to get the 3 ethical dilemmas from. You could have given a more detailed explanation and also shorten the pause length in between your explanation.