Sunday, 14 July 2013

3 Ethical Delimmas - Li Ying

Hi, I’m Li Ying from S2-03 and today I’ll be sharing with you about the three most important Ethical Dilemmas faced by journalist. 

First, I would be talking about Bias. It is nature for human beings to be biased. This happens because whenever we see or observe somethings, we tend to form an opinion on the matter. Thus, the journalist will write towards his personal opinion of his observations and provides a one-sided information towards the public. For example, the journalist favours a certain brand of mobile phones, therefore he or she will try to make the mobile brand more outstanding by describing all its good points, advantages and why he thinks it is better. However, the journalist may be blinded by his own opinions, providing an inaccurate story.

Second, I would like to talk about the commitment to accuracy. Some reporters due to wanting to finish off their work as fast as they could and get rewarded, or wanting to grab the headlines of the newspaper, they tend to publish inaccurate information to the public, giving them the wrong views towards the article. Also, if the journalist is not fair and honest on the information he reported, viewers are most likely to get the wrong information. 

Lastly, I would like to talk about offending or distasteful content. This is a horrible thing to do if one is a journalist. No matter how displeasing a matter is to the journalist, he or she should never voice out his own negative opinions towards them in the public. The reporter should be aware of his words, not provoking anybody and write the article as fairly as he could. 

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