Monday, 15 July 2013

Ethical Dilemmas - Michael

Hi everyone, I'm Michael from S203. Today I will be sharing my opinions of Ethical Dilemmas Journalist face. Out of the 7 ethical dilemma, I feel that Invasion of Privacy, Bias and plagiarism. 

Firstly, I will talk about the Invasion of privacy. Everyone is entitled to their own privacy rights. A journalist must respect that and get permission before they report about someone. They should also understand that everyone has a private life, and it is not ethical to go undercover to spy on every thing that they do. If they do not, the consequences can be dire for both parties -- The journalist may face legal action and the person the journalist reported on may lose their reputation or social status. One example would be in order to find out more about the making of the latest product, the reporter may go through the private documents of the company and report it. This will allow other companies to know the secret in making that product, and the original company would lose a lot of money. 

Secondly, being bias is also an important ethical dilemma. Everyone is biased by nature, and often we do not realise it. If the journalist feels biased towards one side, he would interview that side more and might even tweak his report to support that one side. This will only show the reader one side of the story, making it unfair for the other party. As a journalist, it is important for them to put their opinions aside and give every party an equal chance to speak, giving the audience a wider perspective of the whole story. If a journalist is biased against a certain group of people, the african americans, they may not take their side of a story, even if they may be right. 

Last but not least, is plagiarism. Plagiarism is taking other’s work and claiming it as your own. For example, if you copy someone else’s report can republishing it as your own, it is considered as plagiarism, even if you have edited it or changed it. Plagiarism is illegal and frowned upon in society. If you source your information from other reports, it is important to credit them. 

That’s all. I’ve been Michael, thanks for tuning in to my podcast. 


  1. I agree with all your points, especially the one on invasion of privacy, everyone is entitled to their own privacy and no one has the right to interfere with your private life

  2. I agree with your examples, and explanation, especially where you said that journalists can face consequences if they invade the privacy of others.

  3. I agree with your examples and explanation , especially the one on Invasion of Privacy (everyone is entitled to their own privacy rights) and Bias (it is important for journalists to put their opinions aside and give every party an equal chance to speak).