Friday, 12 July 2013

Three Ethical Dilemmas - Ain

I’m Ain from S2-03. The three ethical dilemmas that I chose are anonymous sources, biasness and offending or distasteful content. 

First, let’s talk about anonymous sources. Anonymous sources is when reporters get their information from unknown sources. For an example, a reporter or a journalist may have gotten information from someone who chooses to remain anonymous. In my opinion, I am neutral towards this ethical dilemma. To give a scenario regarding this ethical dilemma, a reporter or a journalist might have gotten an information from someone who chooses to stay anonymous. This is something that is negative because when the news is reported to the media, the public would doubt the reliability of the sources of the news. Although, this ethical dilemma is also a plus point as most information from anonymous sources tends to be of important information to the public. But then again, people might doubt the information because of the anonymity. Therefore, this ethical dilemma is a violation of ethical standards.

The next ethical dilemma is offending or distasteful content. I think that this is the most crucial ethical dilemma among the seven because it is, in my opinion, a horrible thing to do if one is a reporter. A good scenario would be is when a reporter or a journalist writes something that is displeasing for the public to read because he/she has her own opinion towards a certain group of people. I think that this is very wrong as the job of a journalist or reporter is to provide information and voice out the opinions of other people. Although the reporter might have a negative impression of a group of people and wants to point them out, he/she is not supposes to offend or show distasteful contents towards them, especially to the public. I think that this ethical dilemma is certainly a violation of ethical standards.

The last ethical dilemma that I chose is plagiarism. Firstly, this is illegal. A scenario would be when a reporter has spend hours and days to find information regarding a hot issue in the country. But on the next day, he sees his work being published in the newspaper without his acknowledgement or credits. I also think that this is something that is really important to journalists and reporters as they do not want their efforts to go off like that when other people claim their work as their own. This is also something that is really inconsiderate for reporters to do and it is also considered as “stealing” of work, which is a violation of ethical standards.


  1. The explainations and opinions towards the points are very clear and the information put across are good too.

  2. I agree with your statements and I think that the scenarios that you give are possible.

  3. I agree with all the opinions you made. Your voice is loud and clear too. Well done.