Sunday, 14 July 2013

Ethical Dilemmas:Berwyn(06)

Hi, i’m Berwyn from S203. Today I am going to talk about 3 of the seven ethical dilemmas that I have chosen. The three ethical dilemmas that I have chosen are Conflict of interest,invasion of privacy,and bias.

Firstly I would like to talk about conflict of interest.
Conflict of interest is doing something that might compromise objectivity in the reporting of truth.An example of conflict of interest is when reporting an article between two person in conflict where one would say the things that are more in their favour rather than the truth.
I chose conflict of interest as this can be seen in some of the times in articles that I have read.

The next I would like to talk about is invasion of privacy.
I chose invasion of privacy as I feel that it is one of the more important ethical dilemmas.
For journalist or reporters,invading someones privacy would make that person feel uncomfortable,also most of the time,it is considered rude for the reporter to invade one’s privacy.Invasion of privacy is when a journalist or a reporter stalks or secretly film celebrities while they are at their homes etc.

Lastly,I will talk about bias.
Being biased is when a reporter writes an article an favours a side because he or she feels that 1 side is more important because of one reason or another,An example would be when a conflict between two sides happen and you favour one of the other sides because you either know them or they bribed you. I think it is important as this affects the validity/truth of the article.

Thank you for listening.


  1. I agree with you statements. However, I think that you should speak up as it is hard to hear what you are saying in the podcast.

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  3. I agree with you and the examples are ok, but needs a bit more confidence when speaking

  4. Your points are rather agreeable and true, but try to speak a little louder and clearer! Good effort though.