Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Dylan Tay - Seven Ethical Dilemmas Journalists Face | What I think is the most important

In the 7 options give, I think that being bais is the most important.

I feel it is the most important as when a journalist is non-bais, he will report both sides of the story that he is reporting and not choose the side that he think is right to publish. When he publishes both sides of the story, the readers or viewers will be able to choose what they feel is right or wrong. This gives more freedom in terms of thinking.

This allows the viewers to voice out what they feel if the need arises. Also, when an important event has aroused, if the reporter is being bais, then there will be no fairness in terms of judgement by the readers or viewers. This will make things very unfair if let's say the event is the General Election. If the candidate had said this

  "I feel that Singapore is a wonderful place to stay, but Singapore lacks some qualities and has some talented ones"

If the reporter only quotes the 'Singapore lacks some qualities' part, it will be bais towards the candidate and he may not attract all his viewers and the people of the country that trusts him.

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