Sunday, 14 July 2013

3 Ethical Dilemmas - Shaun Neo

First, I will talk about Conflict of interest. This is extremely important when journalists share information as this could affect how they portray the same situation. Also, journalists have to get many opinions from different people in order to get the whole picture. If you only question a certain group of people with the same view on the topic, you would only get one side of the picture, and thus when you report the information it would not be complete. Also, you should not try to report your own opinion on the topic, especially if you are involved. For example, if you are reporting a case of a fight between schools, it would not be fair if one of your family members was involved in the fight as this would affect your objectivity in the matter and cause a slight bias.

Another Ethical Dilemma that seems to be of greater importance is Invasion of Privacy. This is a very difficult issue to avoid, and can sometimes cause lawsuits against the Journalist. The Journalist has to be sensitive when sharing information especially about a personal topic. He should first require the permission of the person of which the topic is about. It is also unethical to do research and follow the person undercover as if this information was reported, it could affect his or her social status. For example, if a the Journalist stalks a famous person to get insights on his personal life, there would be a great invasion of privacy, which would affect the person’s reputation greatly.

Lastly is Commitment to Accuracy. I think this is extremely important as journalists should only provide facts to the public, and not something that they cannot prove to be true. They should always check the facts and make sure that the information is legit and comes from a reliable source. For example, if a reporter hears from somebody that North Korea is about to attack America, and if he does not check the source and just publishes that piece of news, he could cause a lot of trouble.


  1. Shaun, I agree with your points as they are quite sensible, and also gave me a better understanding about the points that I did not go through in my podcast.

  2. I agree with opinions that you made, and your voice can be heard clearly. You read fluently too. Good Job.

  3. I agree with all your points, the points are clear and can be understood easily, you could have gave more examples about how Commitment to Accuracy can affect the public as well as the journalist

  4. The points you have presented has sufficient information about it, and there are examples about it, it is a good podcast