Saturday, 13 July 2013

3 Ethical Dilemmas - Ikmal

Hi, i’m Ikmal from S203. Today I am going to talk about 3 of the seven ethical dilemmas that I have chosen. The three ethical dilemmas that I have chosen are invasion of privacy, plagiarism and bias.

I think that not invading other people’s privacy is important because if a person has been in a very emotional or very tense moment, one thing that they do not certainly want is to get their name on the news. For example, imagine if a reporter is interviewing an offender of the law. If the reporter gives the name of the offender, the person’s life would be ruined because if he/she has gotten out of imprisonment, he/she would not be treated well by the public because they knew who he/she was.

I think that plagiarism should be avoided. Plagiarism is using a source for your own work or assignment but not stating the source, which is basically like stealing from someone. For example, a journalist is using something from a technology website to make an article about the latest advances in technology. After copying and editing little parts of the statement or text from the website, the journalist publishes the article...without stating where he/she got it from. That is called plagiarism.

Lastly, I think not being biased is important because if the journalist writes an article that has his/her personal opinions, he/she might make the public view something in the wrong way. He/she would give a one-sided story which could cause people to view something in the way which was from the journalist’s opinion, but not the one that is actually how something is supposed to be viewed as. The journalists should keep their opinions to themselves and be fair when reporting the news. For example, the journalist is reporting on how his/her favourite political person was not able to win the election and makes it seem like someone else was at fault.

Thank you for listening!


  1. I think that being bias is when the journalist states his/her opinion to a certain extend that is like forcing the public to believe in such way, instead of writing in an article that has his/her opinions. I agree on the other two ethical dilemmas though! Good job.

  2. I dont think that the first example (for invasion of privacy) was very good as people who get out of jail will have a bad record and even without reporting, society will know about the past crime he or she did. Good point for plagiarism and bias though. Overall it was quite good.

  3. I think that your examples for plagiarism and bias was good, however, I feel that your example for invasion of privacy was good because I don't think offenders would want to talk about how they broke the law to journalists.

  4. I think that what you wrote for Plagiarism and Bias was quite well done. But I think that Invasion of Privacy means that you take information off the person without permission instead. Other than that, it was well done.