Sunday, 14 July 2013

3 Ethical Dilemmas - Ryan

Hello everybody, this is Ryan here, and this is another 03 podcast. 

For today, I will be talking about some dilemmas that journalists face. There are seven main ones, which are, conflict of interest,, plagiarism, having anonymous sources, offending content, invading privacy, being bias, and being accurate.

I think that being Bias would be the the most important ethical dilemma. Reporters will tend to be bias towards one side whenever they publish emotional news. Influence by the government will also affect Bias. By doing this, journalists are limiting the viewers of their opinion and not being fair and impartial to the people involved in the news. Journalist should put aside their emotions and be as truthful as possible.

The second most important one is commitment to accuracy. Journalists have to be accurate in their work so as to make sure that the audience does not get false information, which could be harmful to the company of the journalist, and the journalists reputation.

The third one is offending content. The reporter has to be aware of his words, and prevent provoking any race and/or religion while attempting as hard as possible to report the truth. This will, in the long run, create anger, and distrust in the targeted audience and those who happen to glance upon it, of it offends the reader. Distasteful content is very influential, and has caused many debates, fights, or even riots on a massive scale.

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  1. I feel that more effort should have been put in to elaborate on the existing points. Though your information is enough for the average person, it is always good to write more, so as to let your readers understand the situation better.

  2. I think this was quite short and sweet but in my opinion, this had just skimmed the surface of the necessary points to mention. A possible improvement would be to elaborate on commitment to accuracy. Could be better.

  3. You could elaborate more or add more opinions.

  4. You should elaborate more on your points, maybe you can think of more points and you should add more of your opinions.