Saturday, 13 July 2013

The 3 Ethical Dilemmas - JunKai

Hi, I’m Jun Kai. Today i am gonna choose a few ethical dilemmas and talk about them.

First;y, biasness is in every single human being, but when reporting, this is one of the most important dilemmas. Biasness must be needed to show people the full story, and not just a  particular side. Biasness can also can in other ways. Like, hey look, black people, they aren’t americans, why are they participating in the presidential vote? Well, what if they are americans but just with different colour, that is bias in thinking that all americans are not black. In journalism, biasness, can be like, hey ex drug convict, and I want to interview him about teens on drugs, but i should not because blah blah blah, that is bias in a way that others status or past are thought about before interviewing them.

Next, invasion of privacy. When writing about someone in situations, think before whether to include the name of the person. In situations, if the person is a rape victim or a ex drug addict, if you include the name of the person in an article, people whom know the person will start speculating about the person, and think of he or she as something else and discriminate the person.

Lastly, anonymous sources. Be wary when researching for an article online or anywhere else. If you came across some nice information but cannot verify the credibility of the author, research until you find another author who writes about the exact same thing. But what happens when you do not verify the credibility of the source. Dating back to World War 2, when the Japanese was trying to take over Singapore, an anonymous source announced that the Japanese were coming to attack through the North, so the British sent all their troops there, but in fact, they invaded through the other beaches while everybody was camping at north, which resulted in the fall of Singapore.


  1. Jun Kai, although I do agree with your points, I think that you should give more relevant and clearer examples to support your view. But good job anyway.

  2. I agree with your opinions, but your voice sounded a little weird. You also paused at inappropriate times.

  3. I agree with your points but you could have talked louder because it is very hard to hear what you are saying as you are mumbling