Monday, 15 July 2013

Ethical Dilemmas - Dylan

Hi I am Dylan from S203 and the 3 Ethical Dilemmas I have chosen are biasness, plagiarism and Offending or Distasteful Content. 

First off, I would like to explain the first one, and it is biasness. I feel that it is important as a reporter who is bias may only decide to report what he think is right and not both sides of the story. For example, if a reporter is extremely bias towards an opposition party in the General Election, he may only report what the Opposition says and not what the other parties says. He may make it sound like the other parties are very unreliable and untreatable. This may give the viewers different perspectives of what is happening. 

Second is plagiarism. If the journalist takes pictures or quotes speeches from a certain website, book or another news article, he has to put in the source. If the journalist does not do it, the person who owns the pictures or articles may sue the journalist for copyright. This is illegal and a person who may have spent hours, days, months or even years may find his work that he published on the internet, with the poster claiming that the work was his. The person may feel extremely agitated as his work was stolen by somebody else. 

Last is offending content. If the journalist says something racist, he may get fired from his job. For example if he relates Indians as something offensive and displeases the viewers in one way or another. This may affect the racial harmony between different religions as what he said is very offensive and may be punishable by Law. What's more, if the reporter has a negative feeling towards a certain race, he may not report what is right and just report his personal feelings towards the religion that he hates. 


  1. Good examples given for the first land last point but I feel that the example for plaigiarism was not so clear.

  2. I agree with your points, especially the one about offending content. Well done.

  3. I agree with your points and your examples are well said.