Sunday, 14 July 2013

3 Ethical Dilemmas - Ibrahim

Hi, I’m Ibrahim and i’m going to talk about the 3 of the 7 ethical dilemmas that i have chosen which are Plagiarism, Invasion of Privacy and Bias

Plagiarism is when an author or journalist claims other’s work as his/her own without giving credits to the actual author or journalist. To better understand, here’s an example, a journalist made a report based on the information he/she copied from the internet and books but the journalist did not source the website or the book. The journalist have already indeed plagiarised. In other words, plagiarism is stealing someone else’s hard work and effort.

Invasion of privacy is when a journalist publish photos of a person that was taken without their permission or when a journalist names someone in an article when he/she does not one to be named. For example, a journalist stats the name of the rape victim when the victim had already request for his/her name to not be stated. Another example is, a journalist include photos of a celebrity taken by a paparazzi without the celebrities permission. 

 The final dilemma is bias. Bias is when a journalist tends to form our own opinion on a certain matter and writes his/her personal opinion of their observations and provide a bias information to the public. When a journalist is bias, people may have bad impression on the journalist or the journalist may offend someone and may also get fired. The journalist should write without being bias, without any unnecessary information and without his/her opinion about the subject matter. That’s all from me today, thank you for your attention.


  1. I agree with the points you have stated in your dilemmas, but do add more examples

  2. Good effort! Your points and example are accurate and well explained. The last point could be elaborated better.

  3. The points given are somewhat elaborated. However, i feel longer explanations, along with examples, are key to informing your audience with the right information and explanations.

  4. I think the examples given in this is relatively well elaborated. However, more could be done on the point of being bias and invasion of privacy.

  5. I do agree with your points, but some need to be elaborated further. Good Job!