Wednesday, 27 February 2013

An interview with Ian Rellik

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  1. Q1: Well, I had just got off work that day, and along the way home, my car broke down. So, I hitched a ride from another pleasant family, which dropped me off near Southwold. I couldn't find another car along the road, so I walked on, until this family's car drove near.

    Q2: The family asked things that everyone would ask, like where I was going. I had some conversations with the father, who was indeed very friendly, the mother, who seemed a little uncomfortable, and I shook hands with the young boy who was sitting beside me. However, my hand was dirty with mud, so I was embarrassed and moved my hand away. After being told it was his birthday, I also said "Your day" and "Happy birthday to you".

    Q3: Overall, they were somewhat friendly. However, the boy was still very uncomfortable with sitting with me, as he kept shifting in his seat.

    Q4: Well, I thought that he could have been more friendly, and have more conversations with me, but meeting a stranger, and picking him up in the middle of the road, I admit that I would feel uncomfortable too, so I don't blame him.

    Q5: I was taking out my cigarette case when I felt him kick me hard on the shoulder and waist. I fell out of the car, as though the car door was spoiled, and couldn't withstand force against it. After that, I rolled out onto the road, and was crushed by something.

    Q6: I couldn't even figure out where my body was. It was smashed to bits. After some sneaking around, I found that he had a mental illness. So, overall, I don't blame him much, as it was not under his control.

    End: You're welcome.