Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Ian Renwick : Lim Ing (03)

Sorry if the "Ian Renwick-part" is too soft. You can read the subtitles if you cannot hear it.
Do you mind telling us why you were hitching a ride that faithful day?
My car had broken down when I was on the way home from work. It was raining so I decided to hitch a ride, if not I would have walked.
What happened after you boarded the car?
I was asked brief questions about where I lived so that they could drop me off at the right place.
What was your impression of the family who gave you a ride?
I thought the father was kind to have picked me up in such a weather. The rest of the family seemed fine.

What was your impression of the boy who was sitting at the back of the car?
It was his 15th birthday so I congratulated him. After a while he started to stare at me as if he was afraid. I found him very weird.

How did the boy attack you and what happened after that?
The boy kicked me towards the door closest to me. Somehow it gave way and burst open. Following that, i tumbled out and got crushed by a huge force, probably a huge vehicle.

Did you see your own body after the death? How do you feel about your unfortunate death?
No I did not. I was teleported here immediately. I do not think much about my death. It was so sudden and I have little memory of what had happened. But I do pity the boy as I heard he was mentally unsound and was moved to an asylum.

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