Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Yeo Tzun Kai interview

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  1. Q1: It was because my car had broken down and I managed to hitchhike as far as southwold. Some more, the rain was falling quite heavily but then I saw a ca so I shot out my hand as a universal symbol of the hitchhiker.

    Q2:When I boarded the car, I thanked the driver for giving me a ride and I tried to start a conversation with them . Then the couple started to ask me some questions and told it was their son’s birthday so I wished him a happy birthday.

    Q3:My impression of the family was that the father was quite a nice person to chat with while the mother keeps on asking me questions like where I live and so on..

    Q4:He looked like he was afraid of me and he was very scared maybe because of my appearance.

    Q5:All of a sudden, the boy used his feet to kick me and I flew out of the car realizing that the car door was broken . Next , I fell on the floor with a lot of pain at my back and I saw this tractor trailer coming right at me and the next thing I knew was that I was deas

    Q6:I did see my body and it was disgusting . I felt that it was quite unfair as I died for no reason and without knowing what I did to make the boy push me out of the car which had led to my death.