Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Michael's Interview

Q1.Well, I was driving home one day when my car broke down at Lowesoft, so I hitchhiked all the way near my workplace. Then I saw a car coming my way and I flagged it. They were also going in the same direction as I was going so I boarded the car.

Q2. The driver was very friendly. he asked many questions and started a conversation with me. Then they said it was the boy's birthday so I shook his hands. I suddenly felt a cramp in my arm so I pulled my arm back

Q3. I felt that they were kind and nice to give me the ride, even though the driver's wife obviously did not like it and that the boy at the backseat kept staring at me.

Q4. I could tell he was afraid, probably never met a hitchhiker before. He look very familiar though, like I've seen him before.

Q5. Well, I was about to check my cigarette box for cigarettes when he suddenly pushed me. The door gave way and I fell out of the car. Before I could run, I felt a huge weight over me and my body splattered into a million pieces

Q6. Yes. Before the bus brought me here, I saw my body all over the road. Then, I saw the family going into the metal asylum. That was when I realised that the boy was from the asylum. I feel that I was just unlucky and I forgive them as the boy was mentally unsound.

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