Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview (Ian Rellik)

On that day, I was heading to Ipswich but suddenly my car broke down at Lowestoft. That's why I hitched a ride.

When I boarded the car, the driver asked questions about me, such as why did I hitched a ride and where should he drop me.

They are very friendly and helpful.

The boy sitting at the back of the car was quite mysterious.  He kept staring at my every move that I made. I started a conversation with him, but he seemed to had ignored it.

Suddenly, the boy yelled out and curled up in the corner to kick me. My hands were in my jacket so I could not defend myself. I was thrown back against the door and out into the rain. A tractor trailer suddenly came and went over me.

Yes, I saw my body. My whole body was splattered with blood everywhere. I don't know why the boy had pushed me down which caused my death.

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