Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Ian Rellik (Douglas)

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  1. 1) Well, I was unlucky that my car broke down halfway on the way back to where I live. The weather on that day was really horrid, leaving me no choice but to hitchhike the way back to home.

    2) When I boarded the car, I said a word of thanks to the kind-hearted man that picked me up. He was traveling with his wife and son when he did so.

    3) I think the family was pleasant and accommodating. We even managed to strike some casual conversation.

    4) In my opinion, I feel he was relatively well-behaved. However, after some time he started to stare at me cautiously and suspiciously. He seemed to be watching my every move in the car.

    5) What the boy did was to use both his legs to push me out of the car. Before that, I had noticed the catch on the door was defective when entering and the boy should have been aware of that, hence resulting in him kicking me out of the car. All these happened in a split second and I was confused on what was happening. The last thing I saw was the wheels of a tractor trailer bearing down on me.

    6) Regarding my body, I did not see much as I was splattered all over the road. I feel that I have been wronged and that I should not have died such a unfortunate death.