Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Berwyn Interview

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  1. 1.While traveling to Ipswich from work at Lowestof,my car broke down.
    I had somehow managed to hitch rides all the way to Southwold. As it was raining heavily and I was far from shelter,I had no choice but to quickly find a ride to Ipswich to get away from the rain.

    2.Well,trying to be casual and friendly,I asked the driver if his family had been out for the day.He told me they were celebrating their child’s 15th birthday in Southwold and asked if I knew that place.I said no as I barely know that town and later told him my situation.

    3. Overall they were a pretty average family,the driver was pretty tall and had messy hair,he was quite the friendly guy.The Woman however sitting next to him had an unplesant look on her face,probably isn’t happy with me hitching a ride.

    4. Well he was constantly looking at me wearily,also giving shocked surprised looks,I guess he must have not like me or something.

    5 Surprisingly,the boy suddenly kicked me,I tumbled out of the car,hit the road and got banged by an oncoming lorry.

    6 Yes,it was splattered to bits,I really feel sad and shocked as to how sudden I died.