Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Interview with Ian Rellik (Yee Theng)

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  1. Q1 I was on my way to Ipswich but my car had broken down near Lowestoft. It was raining heavily and I had been running for at least an hour. Then, I realised that if I did not hitch a ride, I would get sick from being in the rain.

    Q2 Jacob's father kept talking to me. When I wanted to wish Jacob happy birthday, he shook my hand as if in disgust. He also seemed to be very wary of me.

    Q3 Other than Jacob’s father, Jacob and his mother seemed to be very self-centred while Jacob’s father on the other hand seemed more cheerful and a nicer person.

    Q4 My impression of Jacob is that he seemed insecure as he kept looking at me fearfully.

    Q5 He kicked open the spoilt door and kicked me out of the car, When I tried grabbing onto the seat, he unlatched my fingers and I tumbled onto the road where I fell under the front wheels of the tractor trailer.

    Q6 I saw my lifeless body crushed. It was unpleasant to see it lying in a pool of crimson red blood. I felt that I shouldn’t have died for I had not done anything to harm him.