Thursday, 28 February 2013

Interview with Ian Rellik by Shaun Neo

I was waling towards the next town when it started to pour, and a lovely couple and their son offered me a lift.

I was questioned on my reasons for walking, and they took an interest in me. I was told it was the boys birthday, so I shook his hand. I think he thought I was threatening him. I didn’t correct him. Well, look where that got me.

They were like any other family, taking a road trip on a nice sunny day. 

He was quite timid. I don’t like to judge, but he was a coward, moving as far away as he could from me.

He got his back against the wall, and pushed me out with all his might. I was caught off guard and I would have survived, if not for that stupid truck. If I had another chance, you would have three more people to interview.

Yes, I saw my own body. It was mush, blood was splattered everywhere, and every bone in my body looked broken. At least its over now...

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