Friday, 12 July 2013

Three ethical dilemmas

Hi I am Yeo Tzun Kai from S2-03 and I am going to talk about 3 ethical dilemmas that I have chosen.

So first one is plagiarism, plagiarism is the like using or copying someone else’s ideas or information without their permission. Also it is something like making other people’s work as your own which is somewhat like stealing from the person you copied from. For a scenario, lets say you are working on project about plants and you go on to a website and copy and paste information about plants in your project but did not give references or sources at the end of your project which is a form of plagiarism. So in order not to plagiarize other people’s work, you must state where you got the information from by citing references or sources.

Next the second one is anonymous sources, anonymous sources is basically people that you interview or get information from, don’t want to have credit nor their names to be published. The problem about keeping the person anonymous could mean that the person might give you inaccurate information but you must determine the value of the information. As a scenario, an employer from a candy company gives you information that the candy the company manufactures contains addictive drugs. This information could be true or fake so you could put the employer’s name as anonymous as when the company gets fined or sued if what the employer said was true, they may try to find out the employer that gave you the information and may harm him or her. But minor things like people giving their own opinion about something, it is all right to out in their names

Finally the third thing is commitment to accuracy, which is the amount of accuracy in your news report meaning the information you have must be accurate. A scenario is that you only get information from one person during a interview but it may be inaccurate as the person may not have told the truth and this could lead to the public to have the wrong thinking so try to ask more people to make sure the information you have gotten is accurate


  1. I think that it was interesting how you chose commitment to accuracy from the 7 ethical dilemmas as many people did not mention it and it's certainly true! Good effort?

  2. Not bad. Speech delivery was clear and the part on commitment to accuracy is interesting.

  3. Your points are quite accurate, and the examples given are also clear.