Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Active Listening - Dylan

Do you ever find yourself speaking up too soon?
Yes, sometimes I may be speaking up too soon before the person who I am talking to us done saying what they have to.

• If so, how can you clear your mind to fully listen?
I can try to listen what the person has to say first before cutting them off or giving personal opinions to respect the person. I can also try and make it a good habit not to talk while others are talking to show them the respect that they receive and they will not feel insulted and will know that others are talking to them.

• Do you ever find yourself wanting to jump in because you are eager to share?
Yes, I do. Many of the times I want to jump in to a topic that I am interested in to let others know about my interest.

• How can you channel your excitement into listening and wait for the proper opportunity to share?
I can wait until everyone has finished sharing their thoughts before I share mine.

• What else can you do to prepare for conversations with others?
I can try to plan out my thoughts before anyone starts talking so that I do not waste time thinking about what I need to say while it is my turn to share.

• Can we ask them up front what they are looking for? (advice, a sounding board, solutions)
I think if it is advice and everyone knows about the topic, yes. If it is a free-talk topic where everyone shares their own views I do not think it is a good idea.

• How does it make you feel to be cut off in the middle of your thought?
It makes me feel agitated and frustrated as sometimes it makes me forget about what I want to say.

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